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Is Japan UK Live suitable for class use?

Yes. But do give some thought to how your students can make a positive contribution to the discussion. Perhaps they can work in groups, each taking a different angle on the topic or researching and reporting on a different issues. Some students may wish to read messages already in the Forums and report to the class on what they have learned from other schools. They may notice gaps in the information: encourage students to ask for information they need and to respond to similar requests from others.

Bear in mind that 30 or more messages all saying basically the same thing may not be very interesting to other schools nor add much to the discussion: can some information be collated through a class survey? Why not use Japan UK Live as a focus for work on presenting a range of opinions and experiences?

Once your students have been given their username and password, they will be able to log on to Japan UK Live at any time they choose. So they can keep track of the discussion between classes and be planning their response.

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Can I use this site for language practice with my students?

Most messages on Japan UK Live are written by students in their native tongue. This provides a wealth of text useful for reading practice. However, many messages are in very colloquial language – and native speakers do make mistakes! If your students are learning English in Japan or Japanese in the UK and are quite proficient in the language, they may wish to test their language skills. This is fine, but if they do, please ask them to post their own translation on the appropriate talkboard.

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How can I join the Japan UK Live community?

Any school in Japan or the UK can take part in Japan UK Live!
Teachers can do so by completing the online form under 'Teacher Registration'. 
If you are a student, please ask your teacher to contact us and register you.

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