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*Netiquette: Site Rules

Before you and your students start using the Forums or your Project Page, please make sure that you have all read and understand the site rules, outlined below.  Under About This Site in the main menu you will also find an Introductory Lesson Plan that will help teachers familiarise their students with the principles of using the site safely:

1. The Forums are not chat rooms.
You must post a meaningful message that can be read and replied to by other users who will probably not be online at the same time as you are. Please remember that you are representing your country and your school when you write on Japan UK Live. Our moderators will delete chat-style or silly messages and will notify teachers.

2. Your message must be courteous and friendly.
Messages that are not will be removed.

3. You must not give out your personal details.
Your safety is paramount, so no home or email addresses or phone numbers please!

And if you are looking for inspiration when it comes to writing messages, remember the three 'Rs': Read, Reflect and Respond

READ what other people have written. Before posting your message, catch up with the discussion so far. This will help you link your message into the general thread.
REFLECT on what they said. Do you understand what they mean? Would you like to know more? Do you have an opinion about issues that have been raised?
RESPOND to what you have read. When you ask questions, be specific. Once the theme has been running for awhile, don’t just keep asking ‘What do you do in Japan/the UK?’, but let your questions develop out of messages on the talkboards.

If someone has taken trouble to research and report on something, give them some feedback. Perhaps their experience is similar to yours, perhaps it’s quite different: either way they will be interested in what you have to say.

(All teachers will be sent a user manual when they register on Japan UK Live. There is also a comprehensive online manual in the Project Pages section available to all users. The Japan Society is also happy to answer any questions you may have about using the site. You can contact