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*Security Policy

The safety of all our users is of the highest priority.  We have a number of measures in place to make our site as secure as possible:

- Registration checks: students can only be registered on the site by a teacher.  Where a teacher who is unknown to us registers on the site, Japan Society staff will telephone the school to verify his or her identity before manually assigning access to the relevant parts of the site.

- Password protection: all users (teachers and students) must enter a username and password to gain access to the Forums and their Project Page, if they have one.  Visitors to the site who do not have an account are only able to see the public access pages and cannot view messages or user profiles.

- Designated exchange areas: Project Pages are designed so that only the students and teachers at the schools involved in the particular exchange can access them.  Teachers and students registered to the site from other schools will not have access to your Project Page.

- Moderation: Japan UK Live is managed by the Japan Society and content on the site is moderated by two site administrators.  Moderators remove anything they deem inappropriate from the site and personally contact teachers to alert them. 

- Teacher and student cooperation: our Netiquette page details the site ‘rules’ and the Introductory Lesson Plan gives a model for introducing students to the site and how to use it safely.  We ask all teachers to ensure their students understand the site rules and guidelines before they begin to post messages.  In particular, students are not allowed to share any personal contact details such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses on the site.

- ‘Real’ translation: All text entered on the site is translated by our team of ‘real, human’ translators based around the world.  This means that we are not reliant on software, which is often very inaccurate and cannot use human discretion to filter content where needed.

Ensuring that all our users can enjoy a safe platform for communication is a two-way process between teachers/students and Japan Society staff.  Please visit our Netiquette page to see our site rules.

If you would like to know more about Japan UK Live please contact education@japasociety.org.uk