JapaneseJapan UK Live!

Teacher Registration

Japan UK Live is open to any young person in Japan or the UK. But, to make sure it is a safe site to exchange ideas, there are rules for registration.

All participants must be registered by a teacher. We will need to be able to check this person's identity before their registration is confirmed.

We can, and will, delete any unsuitable messages posted by students and may inform the school of bad behaviour on the site. By allowing only registered users to gain access to the talkboards, we hope that everyone will be able fully to enjoy this cross-cultural learning experience in safety. Please read the Netiquette page, which has instructions and some rules for using Japan UK Live. 

Students: Please ask your teacher to register you.

  1. Please complete all fields in the form below to apply to use Japan UK Live.
  2. Your registration application will be sent to the Japan UK Live team, who will verify that you are a teacher at a school in the UK or Japan.
  3. Once the checks have taken place*, your registration will be authorised and you will receive notification via the email address provided that you can use the site.
  4. You will then be able to log in to Japan UK Live and register your students.
  5. After the students have been given their individual registration ID and passwords by you they will be able to use the site.

* Please note that these checks may take up to 96 hours.
* Please enter something in all the sections of the form, even they don't apply to you (e.g. Fax number or Subject). The Save button at the end will only become usable when all boxes have something in them.

If you have any questions or problems email us: education@japansociety.org.uk